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Hello, happy Monday my lovelies! Hope you had a grand weekend. Can you believe it's the end of October already? The year has been flying by so quickly. Here is my review via Instagram.

I have been a big fan of Le Pain Quotidien and their selection of vegan and vegetarian option. Do you like this eatery? What's your favorite? 

I"m totally into these white roses I have been finding at Harris Teeter. Who said you can't have beautiful flowers from your local grocery store?

Mr. Pickles has been a great support system during my Tracy Anderson Method exercise. It's kicking my behind, but I'm loving the face that I can dance. 

Daisy loves laying on the bed, but sometimes she;s pushing the envelop enjoying the pillows way too much. :)

A few new decor additions via West Elm, I have been loving their winter/fall collection. Have you checked it out? 

Little sunshine is trying to make me play with her while I blog. I can't resist those eyes. 

Almost every morning I am having the same breakfast: granola with fruits and almond milk with some coffee. Do you have a favorite to go breakfast? 

My recent blog post about some of my favorite beauty must haves. What beauty products are you reaching for? 

Current coffee table situation. A new clear tray fits nicely on the coffee table. Have a look at my post on how to decorate your coffee table for some inspiration.

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