5 Things I Love About DC

Happy Friday my lovelies! What are you up to this weekend? Are you planning any trips? Maybe to the DC area? If so, this list of "5 things or reasons why I love DC" might come in handy.
I have recently moved to DC from the beautiful, sunny and warm Florida and the weather is something I miss every single day, but there are some great reasons why the DC metro area is awesome too. Here are five which I love:

1. Museums/Galleries
DC is known for its beautiful museums. The city and surrounding area boasts 19 Smithsonian museums and a National Zoo. The admission to these museums is free. World Renowned exhibits are featured all through the year at the museums here. And while I have lived here for a few years I love going to museums. My favorite is the  Portrait Gallery, my favorite and inspiring picture to me is that of Queen Elizabeth. I just love visiting Elizabeth once in a while and pay my respects.
I have also been very impressed with the US Postal Museum, if you have a change, you should visit. Have a look at my recent post with some shots from the museum.

2. Architecture
As you stroll through the city you will come across different types of architecture. Some buildings hold on to the beauty of former days, some are recently renovated or built, it's always changing and evolving.  I love stepping inside of these buildings, because here you will never know what hides behind a rustic or a conservatively looking door, it could be the most amazing chandelier or a beautiful wall painting.

3. Melting Pot
This city has been welcoming people from all over the world. It's beautiful that you can work and live with people who bring the different cultures. People flock to DC for different reasons, but this place brings people together from different walks of lives and backgrounds. It's lovely to walk down the street and come across the China town and eat at a Cuban restaurant just a block away.

4. Parks
The city and surrounding areas are offering a variety of parks, The beautiful National Botanic Garden is located right outside of the Capitol building. The garden is housing a variety of exotic plants from around the world. Also, seasonally the plant exhibits change to showcase beautiful flowers the would be blooming around the particular time of the year. (check out my Botanic Garden post here)
At last, you have the Great Falls Park around 13 miles outside of the city, in Virginia. It's an amazing. Just park your car and spend hours hiking or strolling with your dog.

5. Sports and free events
DC has some great sports venues that can be easily access with public transportation, yes we use public transportation in the city. :) If you head out to the Verizon Center you will be able to see both ice hockey and basketball teams play. Take the green metro line and it will take you to the baseball National Park stadium. It's a great venue with plenty of food to choose from.
If you prefer music and theater the city has a variety of venues that host free events. For example, the  Kennedy center offers free performances on the Millennium Stage. You don't have to purchase tickets and the free showcase takes place every day at 6pm.


What are some reasons why you love the area you live in? Have you recently taken a trip to a place that has impressed you? What were the things you enjoyed? Please share in the comment section. I love reading your feedback!

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